Yacht coaching in 3 modules

Buying a boat is easy.
You wish to fulfill your dream, share your dream with pride and enjoy it for many years to come.

However, experience on your ship and on the water isn't an option you can order with the purchase of your ship.
Building boat experience takes time, which most new boat owners don't have. 
Therefore a day aboard quickly becomes an "adventure" for owner and guests and doesn't always end well.

The off-shore-recreation team turns ambition into daily reality by passing on built experience in a quick and efficient manner to new sailing boat owners.
Off-shore-recreation offers yacht coaching, complementary with any theoretical or practical training.
We start where most cabin sailors ended their training.
We will teach you how to put your knowledge into practice, give you confidence in what you so badly wish to do and make you aware of all the things you must take into account once you are on the water.

In three coaching modules off-shore-recreation offers you guidance in giving your knowledge aboard and on the water more shape and certainty 
This can be done on your own ship, in waters you know or on a new 60 foot Blue Ocean sailing yacht on the Westerschelde and the Belgian - Dutch coastline.

Discover the pleasure of more knowledge and experience on the water and in turn a better guarantee of engagement not only for you as captain, but also for your passengers.

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